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Jingga Morry, Ph.D.

tel:   971.271.8020


  • Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR
  • M.Sc., Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • B.Sc., Material Science & Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


  • Jingga Morry, Ph.D. provides technical consultation across a wide range of scientific and engineering fields.
  • Research experience includes research in the field of biomaterials and nanomedicines.
  • Doctoral research based on siRNA-nanoparticle delivery systems for the treatment of fibrosis and breast cancer metastasis.
  • Author of highly cited scientific publications, and conference proceedings.


  • Morry, J., Ngamcherdtrakul, W., Yantasee, W. Oxidative stress in cancer and fibrosis: Opportunity for therapeutic intervention with antioxidant compounds, enzymes, and nanoparticles. Redox Biology, Volume 11, April 2017, Pages 240–253.
  • Morry J, Ngamcherdtrakul W, Gu S, Goodyear SM, Castro DJ, Reda MM, et al. Dermal delivery of HSP47 siRNA with NOX4-modulating mesoporous silica-based nanoparticles for treating fibrosis. Biomaterials. 2015;66:41-52.
  • Ngamcherdtrakul, W., Morry, J., Gu, S., Castro, D., Goodyear, S. M., Sangvanich, T., Reda, M. M., Lee, R., Mihelic, S. A., Beckman, B. L., Hu, Z., Gray, J. W., Yantasee, W. Cationic Polymer Modified Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Targeted SiRNA Delivery to HER2+ Breast Cancer. Advanced Functional Materials, (cover), 2015, 25(18): 2646-2659.
  • Morry, J., Sangvanich, T., Fox, C., Ngamcherdtrakul, W., Goodyear, S., Castro, D., Fryxell, G., Addleman, R., Summers, A., Yantasee, W. Novel oral detoxification of mercury, cadmium, and lead with thiol modified nanoporous silica. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, 6(8):5483-93 (2014).